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South Yorkshire’s oldest established Independent Hearing Aid Audiologists

We Offer Free Hearing Tests In The Comfort Of Your Own Home

There is no obligation and we will give you an honest, unbiased assessement of your hearing

Over 35 Years Experience

Paul Smith has over 35 years experience of helping people with hearing loss, having worked in NHS hospitals and the Private hearing aid industry for most of his working life. He is also experienced in the field of noise induced hearing loss and has worked with many ENT Consultants in this particular field of work

All Makes Of Hearing Aids

We are completely independent and can offer all available makes and models of hearing aids. This means we can offer the solution best suited to your needs and we are not tied to any particular manufacturer.

Price Promise

We supply hearing aids at YORKSHIRE PRICES. We also offer interest free terms and 100% money back guarantees. We will undercut all of the High Street providers of hearing aids, including Boots, Specsavers, Amplifon and Hidden Hearing.

Solutions For All Budgets

If you have an aidable hearing loss, we will always recommend the most suitable solution for you and can offer solutions to meet all budgets. If you don't need hearing aids we will tell you so.


Often the best solution may include additional accessories such as TV Streamers, Remote Mics or a special telephone. We can let you know about any accessories that will help to improve your hearing.


Traditionally, hearing aids run on little batteries that need changing every 7-10 days.  The latest Rechargeable Hearing Aids  offer the latest technology with the convenience of NO MORE BATTERIES.  Just charge and go.  We will be happy to demonstrate them for you.


Microsuction is a gentle procedure that removes a build up of ear wax from the ear canal.  It  carries less risk than traditional ear syringing methods as there is no contact with the delicate ear drum.  You do need to treat the build of wax with olive oil or eardrops prior to treatment.  Please call us to arrange a convenient home appointment.


Yorkshire Hearing are proud to be a professional partner of the UK Veterans Hearing Foundation, who provide free hearing aids for Veterans 



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